Founded in 2010, CAIR advances three primary goals:

  • Strengthening Canada’s insurance reciprocals, pools, captives, fraternal benefit societies, or similar risk-sharing program or pool operating in Canada by sharing their combined wisdom, experience and innovation;
  • Promoting well-informed and effective government regulation; and,
  • Educating people about the advantages of reciprocal insurance.

What is Reciprocal Insurance?
Reciprocal insurance enables a pool of similar professionals or organizations to share their individual risks with one another as a group and actively look for ways to reduce losses for their members.

Typically, reciprocals help ensure that their members (or “subscribers”) have affordable access to specialized insurance products.

Given that subscribers within a particular reciprocal tend to provide similar services and share similar risks, many reciprocals focus on the development of effective, specialized risk management programs. Similarly, subscribers have incentives to work together and share information that can improve the quality of the services they provide. For example, reciprocals that serve the healthcare field have a strong interest in working with subscribers and partners to bring about change that leads to improved patient safety, a reduction in claims and greater system efficiency.

CAIR’s Members include reciprocals that are dedicated to serving the unique needs of municipal governments, healthcare facilities, universities, school boards, the legal profession, agricultural industries.

Canadian insurance reciprocals operate on a non-profit basis and are regulated under provincial law.

Vision Statement
A trusted and knowledgeable voice for insurance reciprocals across Canada.

Mission Statement
Advance the common interests of insurance reciprocals.